Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 End of Year Donation Request

Update 01/15/2010: LRRoC Board of Directors, Volunteers, and especially our wonderful dogs currently waiting for homes, are grateful to all of our supporters for your much needed donations. Because of you, LRRoC was able to pay off our veterinary bill which by December had grown to $15,000+ . Because of you, we were able to receive enough donations, which were matched, to pay for the care of our dogs! We are so very appreciative of each and every one of you. We were able to start 2010 with a clean slate so that we can help more dogs. LRRoC rocks because our dogs have you - the best supporters on earth :) Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in 2010!


Dear Friends of LRRoC Dogs,

As 2009 grows to a close we ask that the most important thing you do for your dog this Holiday Season is to help our homeless dogs in their honor. Many of you have adopted from LRRoC and some have adopted from other rescue and shelter organizations. From the depths of despair and heartache that many of these dogs come, arises a loyal and unconditional love that only a rescue dog can give. Those of you blessed to share this devotion understand what words cannot express.

We had an exciting year of accomplishments, hurdles and yes, heartbreak. We rehomed 167 dogs through November 2009. Those included in this statistic are: Labradors/Labrador Blends: 41 Pups, 82 Adults, and 4 Seniors. We rehomed 40 Dogs of Other Breeds to include- Golden Retriever/ Golden Blends (10), Newfoundlands/Newfie Blends (7), Great Pyrenees (4), Old English Bulldogs (2), French Bulldog (1), Pomeranian (2), Yorkie (1), Papillion (1), Miniature Dachshund (2), Basset/JRT (2), Doodles/Schnoodles (7), and our first Bernese Mountain Dog (1). Currently, we are caring for 22 homeless dogs and support 2 dogs that were previously adopted to keep them in their home. We have many more scheduled to come in that need our help.

LRRoC has always been on the rescue radar for taking in special needs cases and this year has been no different. To reflect, and some are still with us:

2009 brought us many new volunteers and exciting projects! We were honored to be part of the “Lost Souls Found- Inspiring Stories about Labrador Retrievers” rescue story project which features many LRRoC Labs and their adopter stories (see our website on how you can purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift and help our homeless dogs). O’Chase McLabrador, lost soul found wandering with a note pinned to his collar that his owner had died, visited the Columbus CH4 News and unveiled the new OHIO PET PLATE featuring a Yellow Labrador Retriever. Be sure to buy your plates for 2010 as proceeds help LRRoC Labradors with a grant through the OH Pet Fund! Our event schedule has been busy with awareness and fundraisers and we hope to see you at some of our upcoming ones! See website for details on upcoming events.

For our supporters that help our dogs throughout the year- we give special thanks. Every year-end, we ask that you help our homeless dogs so that we can pay off our annual veterinary bill. For 2009, we currently owe $12,000 and we still have what December surprises bring to us. Adoptions are slower than usual due to the economy, and due to lack of funds we took in fewer dogs that needed our help than in the past. We took the most crucial cases and thanks to you we were able to help them all! Our Angel has emerged again and offered to match your donations to help us pay the bill. This means your tax-deductible $25 turns into $50, $250 turns into $500 and your $2500 turns in to $5000!

Donations can be made on our website through PayPal or Amazon Payments or can be mailed to the address below.

In addition to your much needed tax deductible donations, below is the LRRoC Wish List:

So please, in honor of all of your wonderful pets that have a Home for the Holidays, will you help ours who have no family to call their own for the Holidays? Have a Joyous and Safe Happy Holiday Season as we all look forward to an exciting 2010!


Board of Directors and Volunteers

For the Dogs of LRRoC

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